Friday, September 26, 2008

Please Leave Us Comments!

Hi Everyone!

I often wonder if anyone reads my blog posts. I consider the blog posts to be an opportunity to share our adventures, but they are also my own journal of our time in France.

Thus, I tell myself that if no one else reads the posts, it’s okay. However, the truth is that I would be thrilled to know that someone, anyone, is really reading them!

So, please leave us comments.

To leave a comment:
  1. Scroll to the bottom of a post.
  2. Look for something like this:
  3. Click on the word “COMMENTS”.
  4. Type a message in the window.
  5. Click .
Voila! When I check our blog, I will see that someone left a comment.

Now here’s a secret: I am thrilled when I receive a comment on the blog! This is true for any emails I receive, too (hint, hint).

Thank you so much Melissa, for all your comments.

Love to all!

1 comment:

iauthor said...

Ne pas a oublie de remplir la fiche pour le cours de judo pour les enfants. Merci, bon anniversaire.